Nourishing Your Health Journey: The Hip Joint Cafe

Introducing our new wellness café at Movement Therapy! More than just a place to grab a nutritious snack or drink after your therapy session, the café is a natural extension of our commitment to holistic health and well-being.

At The Hip Joint, you'll find a thoughtfully curated menu of healthful, delicious foods and beverages designed to nourish the body, boost recovery, and optimise health.

The cafe is a space where our community can gather, relax, and learn more about the vital role nutrition plays in physical health and recovery. Here, we're not just moving bodies, but also nurturing them from the inside out.

Join The Hip Joint Cafe Team!

We're currently seeking passionate professionals to fill various roles and contribute to our mission of
promoting health.


Bar and Beverage Staff (Hospitality & Tourism)

The Hip Joint – 28 Menangle Street, Picton NSW 2571
Full Time

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